Google’s Nexus Event in San Francisco

Google held its annual Nexus event on September 29th, in the San Francisco area. Those in attendance were eager to learn about Google’s upgrades to Nexus brand smart phones, updates to Chromecast, and the new Android operating system. Google is in constant competition with Apple, and the Nexus event helped to give Google users the opportunity to educate themselves in new technologies. In reality, attendees of the Nexus Event learned even more than they imagined. The event was even live streamed for those who could not attend the event. Let’s take look at what we have learned about Google’s new products.

Reveal of new Nexus smart phones

Many were looking forward to the reveal of the new Nexus smart phones, especially since Apple introduced the iPhone 6S not too long ago. Google unveiled the new Huawei Nexus 6P and upgraded Lg Nexus 5X. The Huawei is one of the higher-end phones with a 5.7 inch display and a price tag starting at $499. Amazing hardware features were revealed to include a 3450 mAh battery, 12.3 MP camera, and rear mounted fingerprint sensors. The Nexus 5X is not as amazing as the Huawei, but does provide users a fingerprint sensor, 16 or 32 GB options, plastic material, three color options, and a $379 price tag. Both items are available for preorder through the Google Store, and offer a 24 month financing plan.

Android 6.0 Marshmallow

The 2015 Nexus event gave individuals a closer look at the finalized software that will be made available on Nexus smart phones. New camera options are just one of the changes made through the new software. A new burst camera mode will be available on the Nexus 6P. There will also be a new camera launch short cut by double pressing the power button. The lock screen will provide users with new charging indicators and app shortcuts. Many were excited to learn about the Marshmallow option For Now On Tap, which is a service that allows the user to press and hold the home button, at any time, to get relevant information related to what’s on the screen. Basically it combines Google searches and voice integration into the user’s individual apps. Nexus users should actually already see the Marshmallow update on their phones because the software was set to update shortly after the Nexus Event last month. Carriers and other smartphone brands are likely to see the update in the near future.

Updates to Chromecast

Chromecast is an amazing product that Google has offered consumers for a while, and the Nexus event provided people with a look into updates for the device. Users who have Chromecast have a stick that allows them access to anything streaming through the television. The new Chromecast, simply named Chromecast 2, offers users a much faster Wi-Fi connection, along with three different antennas. Chromecast 2 comes in your choice of red, yellow, or black and still costs only $35. In addition, Chromecast 2 features a universal voice search tool to make finding a streaming show easier than ever. Showtime is a popular television network that has been added to the device, and other sports channels will be added in the coming months.

Google Pixel C

Even though this was a Nexus event, Google did reveal a new tablet, which is not a Nexus, but does offer the same in house hardware group, similar to previous Chromebook Pixel laptops. The Google Pixel C is smaller than previous models but offers great features, including a detachable keyboard. A 32 GB will cost $499, while the 64 GB starting price is $599. The keyboard for the tablet is sold separately, and will cost you an additional $150. This item is not on the market yet, but should make its way to stores by the Christmas season.

Google Photos and Play Music

to each of these programs. Google Photos will provide users with the option to share editable photo albums with others, create custom photo tags, and offer support in Chromecast photo sharing. Google Play Music now offers a one price per month family subscription. The price is $15 a month, and Many users love using Google Photos and Play Music, and some awesome upgrades were made allows up to six members to share a subscription while still being able to manage their own Google account music libraries.

As you can see, there was a ton of new information brought to light at this year’s Google Nexus Event in San Francisco. Avid Google Nexus users, and technology enthusiasts alike were able to enjoy a day of information about Google’s growing smart phone and tablet technology. With technology constantly changing, it is no wonder Google holds the Nexus event every year. It really gets people excited about new products and upgrades. With the holiday season just around the corner, the Google Nexus event was able to provide consumers with valuable information about its products.

Do you have any of the new Google products on your holiday wish list?

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