San Francisco Oktoberfest by the Bay

In just a few short weeks, San Francisco will be host to a fun festival known as Oktoberfest by the Bay. This event is will be held in the month of September, and is one of the most popular in the San Francisco area. Dates for this year’s event are September 26th, 27th, and 28th, and will take place at Pier 48. This is a perfect location for the event because it extends across the San Francisco Bay and McCovey Cove, hence the “by the Bay” listed in the name.

Germany’s Famous Oktoberfest

Many of us are well aware of one of the biggest festivals in the country, which takes place every year in Munich, Germany. This is, none other than, the original Oktoberfest. People from all over the world travel to Germany to celebrate with parades, carnivals, singing, dancing, food, and beer. Guests attending Oktoberfest look forward to enjoying several varieties of German beer, which is probably the most important component of this festival. Oktoberfest has been going on in Germany since the 1800’s and keeps growing every year. For obvious reasons, several other countries try to recreate this historical event. The United States is no exception, and every state has a city with a mock Oktoberfest.

San Francisco’s version of Oktoberfest

The state of California is host to a numerous amount of recreated Oktoberfestivals. San Francisco’s Oktoberfest by the Bay was actually listed as one of the top 10 best places to celebrate Oktoberfest in the United States. Just like the original that takes place in Germany, San Francisco’s event provides guest with the best authentic German food and beer, as well as entertainment for the crowd.


Two bands will provide live music for this year’s event. Both the Chico Bavarian Band and The Internationals will play traditional German music for guest to enjoy, while dining and dancing. The festival will also allow guests the chance to observe traditional Bavarian dancing. The Nature Friends of Schuhplattler will perform for all guest at Oktoberfest by the Bay. Guests are also encouraged to dress in Trachten wear. Trachten wear is traditional Bavarian clothing worn by men and women. Men dress in a traditional lederhosen with hats, ties, and belts. Women can wear Bavarian dresses, complete with handmade jewelry.

How Much Will It Cost You?

Although entry into the beer tents at Germany’s Oktoberfest is free, Oktoberfest by the Bay will cost you anywhere from $25-$75 for entry. The $25 fee is for admission for one specific time of the day. If you want admission to all events throughout the three day festival, you will pay the higher rate of $75. This is just the price for admission and entertainment. Prices of food and beer items vary, depending on the item.

Family Friend: Yes or No?

When you think of beer festival, you might not think of children. However, the original Oktoberfest in Germany actual has carnival rides and games set up for children during daytime hours of the event. Children are not allowed to attend Oktoberfest by the Bay on Friday or Saturday night. They are more than welcome to attend on the last day of the festival, which takes place during the day.

Can’t make it to Germany This Year?

There are many people who wish to attend the “real” Oktoberfest and have even added attending to their bucket list. Of course, many of us in the United State do not have the luxury of Germany being a drive away. So if you can’t actually make it to Munich, Germany this year to celebrate German Oktoberfest, do the next best thing. Visit San Francisco’s Oktoberfest by the Bay and you can have a little taste of Germany, right here in the United States. This event has been a tradition in the San Francisco area for years, and might just be the next best thing to the epic German inspired Oktoberfest.

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