Upcoming FREE Events in San Francisco in October

There is a fantastic line up of free events coming to the San Francisco area the next few weeks of October. Here are just a few free things to get excited about… even if your “fun budget” is zero!

Oct. 1:

Learn to make your own wheel of queso fresco here

Hit up the “Off the Grid” Twilight Campfire Party

Join in the Adventure Run, Scavenger Hunt, and Beer Garden

Head to the Oktoberfest Block Party in the Financial District

Oct. 2:

Attend a Bluegrass Festival

Hang out at the People in Plazas event for every kind of cultural music you can think of

Ditch the kids and go experience burlesque dancing

Oct. 3:

Indulge your automotive nerdiness at this exotic car show

Channel your inner seafarer with a sing-a-long on a historic ship


Oct. 4:

Limber up and take a free acro-yoga workshop

Get your foodie on at the “Off the Grid” Presidio Picnic and Food Truck Party

Oct. 5:

Relive your childhood glory with a grown-up twist at Super Smash Bros Tourney with booze, comedy, and video games

The iconic boy band lives on with Beatles karaoke night

Oct. 6:

Check out a private movie screening of Girl Rising

Laugh a little at the Comic Cute comedy showcase

Oct. 7:

Are you really going to pass up on a free belgian waffle?

Get drunk and draw pictures for prizes

Oct. 8:

Take a class for current or aspiring small business owners

Play a bunch of new games for free, because why not

Oct. 9:

Get served a free vegetarian dinner and skip cooking

Oct. 10:

Put on your chef’s hat and attend a free season cooking demo and tasting party

Live out your secret fantasies and take a beginner parkour “urban ninja” class

Oct. 11:

Never learned how to ride a bike? Now’s your chance

Its Fleet Week and the Blue Angels will blow your hat off

Oct. 12:

Check out Cyberpunk Cinema night:

Comedy, improv, music, and it’s all free:

Oct. 13:

Take a stroll around the San Francisco Botanical Gardens (for free!)

It’s Women’s Comedy Night so get ready to laugh

Oct. 14:

Laughing can be good for you in more ways than one in this free yoga class

Take a free guided tour of some of San Francisco’s greenest, state-of-the-art buildings

Oct. 15:

Legos are for grown ups, too

Check out this free Intro to Urban Bicycling class and start saving gas money

Go to http://sf.funcheap.com/free-events/ to find more upcoming free events in the San Francisco area for the last few weeks of October. There’s always something exciting to do in SF, California!

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